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SBSettings Theme for 5.0.1

I wanted a theme that worked with the Banners Notification on the iPhone 4 Firmware 5.0.1. The Gimme 4 theme in black that I found on a forum did not have the Drop Win icon so a made one.

To install you need Cydia, Open SSH, Filezilla then ftps to /private/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes and put the extracted Gimme 4-1_5.0.1_TT_edit folder there. Rename it to something simple like “Gimme 4″ if you like!

To use this I found I had to go to SBSetting and configure the iOS 5 Notification section and set it to Separate List “ON”. Then set the notifications toggles. That is to say that having Separate List “OFF” with Using (existing) Windows Toggles did not work.
In short, use Separate List.

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