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Synergy Server on Ubuntu 12.10 Auto Startup

  1. Install synergy. Open “Terminal”
    sudo apt-get install synergy
  2. Check you are using the same version as this guide. Open terminal;
    synergyc --version
    t@ttdell:~$ synergyc --version synergyc 1.4.16, protocol version 1.5 Copyright (C) 2012 Bolton Software Ltd. Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Nick Bolton Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Chris Schoeneman
  3. Run Synergy gui
    synergy 01_Screenshot from 2014-03-03 13:01:33
  4. Setup the server how you want it. See an example is the screenshot; 02_Screenshot from 2014-03-03 13:02:08
  5. Note in the log at the bottom where the tmp config file is. Copy and paste this to the terminal as follows;
    gksu gedit /tmp/qt_temp.TJ2259
  6. Save as /home/t/.synergy.conf
    Or your own home directory.
  7. Search “Startup Application”
  8. Add
    Name Synergy Server
    Command synergys --config /home/t/.synergy.conf
    Comment 03_Screenshot from 2014-03-03 13:15:36
  9. Note:
    Don’t use synergys --config ~/.synergy.conf
    synergys --config $HOME/.synergy.conf
    as the ~/ did not work for me so logically $HOME won’t work either.
  10. Select “Use existing configuration” “Configuration file:” /home/t/.synergy.conf
    in Synergy.
    Don’t know if this is essential but it makes sense at least. 04_Screenshot from 2014-03-03 13:16:49
  11. On the client machine (also Ubuntu, in this case 10.04) “Preferences” > “Startup Applications”
    Name Synergy client
  12. Command synergyc “Save”. Reboot.
  13. Any problems, check the IP’s (see previous guide).
    Also, check the client is running the same verion;
    synergyc --version
    synergyc 1.4.16
    Note the “c” for client as synergy just launches the gui.
  14. If you find the “@” symbol does not work and comes out as inverted commas or something then add this to you “.bashrc” file;
    gedit .bashrc
    xmodmap -e "keycode 24 = q Q at at at at"
  15. This is frowned apon as a work around but I found I had less problems when using this method if I used this latest version of synergy with both laptops running ubuntu as opposed to the server as a Windows 7 machine.
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Synergy with XP server and Ubuntu 12.04 client

01 Synergy on Ubuntu 12.04 client
02 sudo apt-get install quicksynergy
03 Applications > Accessories > Quick Synergy
04 Use
05 Server hostname/IP Address
06 (XP server IP)
07 Screen name:
08 mwdell (Ubuntu client name)
08.1 Now wait a moment before clicking anything else.
09 Navigate in Gnome/Nautilus to > Places > Home > Right-click “Public”
10 Share
11 Install smb/cifs as requested
12 Reboot

13 Applications > Accessories > Terminal
14 ping -c 2 (XP server ip test)
15 Terminal: synergyc –version (check it is 1.3.8)

16 Leave Ubuntu client and go check out the XP server
17 Download Syngery 32bit for XP version 1.3.8
18 Important as the Ubuntu 1.3.8 and another later XP version like synergy-1.4.8-Windows-x86.exe won’t work together (IMO).
18.1 So get

19 Start > All Programs > Synergy
20 Share this computer’s keyboard and mouse (server). (Check radio button)

21 Screen & Links: Configure…

22 Screens “+”
23 Screen Name: (Client IP)
24 Aliases:


25 Screens “+”

26 Screen Name: ELIOTS
27 Aliases:

(Server IP)

28 Links:
29 [New Link]

0 to 100% of the right of goes to 100% of ELIOTS

30 [New Link]

0 to 100% of the left of ELIOTS goes to 0 to 100% of

31 Note: You have to setup both or you may end up “stuck” on the client screen.
32 OK
33 Start
34 Back to Ubuntu and Quick Synergy.
35 QuickSynergy Use tab > Execute.
36 Move mouse to left of screen and back again. Great Success.

Useful links:

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Syntax highlighting .bashrc in gedit for Ubuntu 10.04

I wanted to customise my .bashrc file but gedit kept just showing the sh/shell code without syntax highlighting. To fix this I did a few things.
cd ~/.local/share mkdir -p gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs
cd gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs
cp /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/sh.lang ./
gedit sh.lang
Change line 27 to:

<property name=”globs”>*.sh;.bashrc</property>

Basically adding ;.bashrc

So here is the file to save you the hassle of this process. Just extract to your Home directory ~/


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SBSettings Theme for 5.0.1

I wanted a theme that worked with the Banners Notification on the iPhone 4 Firmware 5.0.1. The Gimme 4 theme in black that I found on a forum did not have the Drop Win icon so a made one.

To install you need Cydia, Open SSH, Filezilla then ftps to /private/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes and put the extracted Gimme 4-1_5.0.1_TT_edit folder there. Rename it to something simple like “Gimme 4″ if you like!

To use this I found I had to go to SBSetting and configure the iOS 5 Notification section and set it to Separate List “ON”. Then set the notifications toggles. That is to say that having Separate List “OFF” with Using (existing) Windows Toggles did not work.
In short, use Separate List.

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Sync data to mobile phones (iPhone and Android).

I have tried a fair few apps to sync files but the best has to be the ones based on Rsync.
If you have an rsync server (I have a managed one). Then this is a rock solid way to sync a directory of data to your phone.

Acrosync: Claims to be the only rsync app for iPhone and I could not disprove that. Works well and has a Pro version with no adverts.

rsync *: The market has loads of rsync apps but I happen to use rsync backup. It just works fine.

I tried Wifi Syncr which will handle Windows shares and is really cunning and flexible but I found that it struggled to sync medium sized (100MB) files as does the iPhone as it happens.

Anyhow, I also just wanted a way to quickly ftp photos and ‘ting to the rsync server so I use an old favorite, DropUpLoad.

For iPhone you have what Android could really do with, OPlayer. This iPhone app is pretty simple in that it combines a video player with an interface to browse network shares. The major flaw is that you can’t add anything to iTunes or Camera Roll. Even with iFile this does not really work.

If I wanted an rsync server on my LAN I would just use Vbox and Ubuntu. Kind of daft to have to run it every time but I have tried rsync server for Windows with cygwin and all the rest but setup and config it just too much of a stove pipe system. I like stuff to be portable and easy to rebuild, Vbox with Ubuntu does that.

Scary exe files

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